Legal Notices

All of the merchandise, clothing, costumes, costume props, wardrobe pieces, set design, illustrations and pictures taken of each of the works above are trademarked by Brose Brothers' Productions, LLC ® All rights reserved.

All fan pictures donated are used with permission by the persons donating them.

All prop weapons produced by Brose Brothers' Productions are intended for costume and/or decorative use only. The prop weapons including grenades, rifles, spear guns, shotguns, machine guns, and flamethrowers are non-lethal and cannot, will not be used by any persons representing Brose Brothers' Productions for any other purpose than for theatrical/decorative reasons. If at any any time a prop weapon is used outside of a theatrical or decorative purpose any and all proper legal actions will be taken as compliant to Brose Brothers' Productions creation of non-lethal prop weaponry.

Brose Brothers' Productions is not liable for any damage or loss caused by any prop weaponry built by Brose Brothers' Productions that has been tampered  with or altered. Any individual not related to Brose Brothers' Productions who has purchased a Brose Brothers' Productions original prop and created loss or damage with any tampered or altered Brose Brothers' Productions prop weapon is doing so at their own risk.

In attempt to keep all Brose Brothers' Productions ideas original we ask that none of the merchandise, clothing, costume props, wardrobe pieces, set designs and illustrations to not be replicated or duplicated without the consent or permission of Brose Brothers' Productions, LLC ®.

Thank you for respecting the imagination and ideas we continue to produce for you.

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